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A portrait of Nor Hafizah painted by an Indonesian artist Dian in 2000



Welcome to Hafiza Wealth Manager!


This website serves to provide a comprehensive  information regarding Nor Hafizah Nasarudin, the services  and products offered to you as her clients and potential clients.

Nor Hafizah is a Certified Financial Planner and a licensed Investment Advisor. She  has a CMSRL license from the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Assets optimisation is her expertise; she will walk you through the process which includes asset allocation strategy. 

 Your financial health will be diagnosed and solutions prescribed using a structured advisory model tailored to each and individual client.  


 Assets  Optimisation 

 The matrix below summarises how your financial position is affected by your asset creation and accumulation and assets optimisation capabilities.





More often than not, most people would  have little time, knowledge and other contraint that makes your assets optimisation minimal. Hence, it would be wiser to engage a professional to do the job for you.


Strategic Alliances 


Services provided  by Hafiza are delivered through a combination of internal resources and strategic partnerships with the best financial providers. 


Engagement, Diagnosis and the Process 


Upon engagement, an extensive diagnostic analysis of your existing financial situation will be conducted by listening, simplifying complex data, integrating relevant expertise and education. Then a plan will be developed and a framework designed that make your choices obvious, certain and always consistent with your values before implementing customised solutions.


During regular and continuous meetings, you will be provided with a financial reporting package that gives you a comprehensive view of your financial affairs:  past, present and future. These meetings also provide relevant updates which are necessary to manage your wealth successfully. By continually connecting your goals and values to your strategies, you will be focussed on the big picture.



 Nor Hafizah  attending a function


 Hafiza and her Clients 

Nor Hafizah's clients includes High Networth Individuals, business owners, professionals and senior corporate managers. With her background, knowledge and experience, Nor Hafizah is well positioned to give sound advice to her clients. 


 Please contact her at norhafiza07@gmail.com 

or contact her through this website. 


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